Alternative PHP Cache, or APC, is a module for Apache web servers that is employed to cache the output code of script applications. It is very efficient for scripts with large source code and will accelerate such an Internet site as much as 3 times. PHP sites are dynamic and whenever a website visitor accesses a web page, the script connects to a database in order to get some content, then the code is parsed and compiled prior to it being displayed to the visitor. In case the output code does not change however, that's the case with Internet sites which display the same content at all times, such actions result in unneeded reading and writing. What APC does is that it caches the already compiled code and delivers it every time visitors browse an Internet site, so the database does not have to be accessed and the program code does not have to be parsed and compiled continuously, which in turn minimizes the site loading time. The module can be pretty effective for informational websites, blogs, portfolios, and many others.