Irrespective of how stable and risk-free a web hosting service is, an issue may always turn up with your sites. An update can go wrong and you may lose valuable info, you may delete a file or a whole folder by mistake or someone could get unauthorized access to your account. In any one of these cases a backup of your content shall be a guarantee that the Internet sites can easily be restored the way they were before the problem emerged. The problem with the majority of web hosting platforms and Control Panels is that backups are generated once per day and every new backup overwrites the previous one, thus if you discover that something is wrong with your Internet site a few days later, it will most likely be too late to restore anything and you will end up losing the info. To protect yourself from this kind of a situation, we've developed a progressive backup system that will enable you not simply to restore your files without difficulty, but also to choose the date when the backup was made.