RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory. This is a kind of computer memory, that, in contrast to other storage devices including hard disk drives or DVDs, permits the info to be accessed directly without reading the previous content located in it. Whenever an application is launched, it's stored within the RAM, due to the fact that it may be accessed much faster than if it was read from another media. With regards to the hosting service itself, extra RAM means that more web applications can operate concurrently on a particular web server, particularly when they are resource-demanding and are accessed by a significant number of people at the same time. Different from a shared web hosting package in which the system resources of a given account could be flexible and quite often depend on what other users consume too, a VPS includes a guaranteed amount of RAM which can be used at all times. That memory is allocated to one server only and shall not be used by other customers even when it's not used.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Hosting

When you need a powerful web hosting solution for your sites and applications and you acquire one of the Linux dedicated hosting which we provide, you will have a massive amount of physical memory available all the time. You'll be able to check out the hardware configuration anytime via the billing Control Panel, including the amount of RAM. We try out the memory sticks extensively along with all the other parts before we use them to build any machine, so in case you buy one of our solutions, you will get a high-quality hosting server which will guarantee exceptional functionality for your websites. Even when you don't use the whole capacity of the machine for an extended time period, the physical memory shall still be available for your server only.