The UPS and the diesel generator are two means for keeping a web server functioning if there are difficulties with the main power supply - a disruption or unreliable current which cannot keep the hosting server working properly, for example. UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, though it is sometimes referred to as Uninterruptible Power Source as well. The UPS is, basically, a highly effective battery which is attached to the web server and to the power network all the time, so in case of any blackout, it is already functioning, which enables the hosting server to carry on operating without losing any information. The diesel generator is an engine which will power up the whole data center. It does take some time to begin working and it's the UPS that gives it that time. Those two power solutions are absolutely essential for any facility or hosting company that wants to avoid information loss and hardware damage as a result of an unexpected electric power problem.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Website Hosting

We offer you Linux cloud website hosting in three of the largest data centers worldwide. They are situated in the USA, in the UK and in Australia. Because data security and web server uptime are our priorities, all 3 facilities have a few backup systems against power outages. A few diesel generators can keep the hosting servers operational for hours or even for a couple of days and every machine which is part of our cutting-edge cloud platform has its own enterprise-class UPS to keep it operational until the generators begin working. This setup is one of the reasons why we can ensure a 99.9% web server and network uptime, so if you host your sites within a shared account with us, you'll take full advantage of a fast and remarkable service without having to worry about any interruptions due to power outages.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Semi-dedicated Hosting

We have taken all measures to prevent any service disturbances caused by a electrical power outage, so if you use a semi-dedicated server account for your Internet sites, you shall enjoy a fast and secure web hosting service all the time. Each and every web server that is part of our custom made platform has an individual UPS to keep it operational until numerous potent enterprise-class diesel generators take over to provide the necessary electricity for all of the devices for so long as required. The latter are potent enough to keep everything working at top capacity, so we will not have to shut down any hosting servers or to use a lot less network devices, which could slow down the loading speed of your Internet sites or affect their performance. This top-notch electric power setup is one of the reasons behind our 99.9% server and network uptime warranty, that's valid for all semi-dedicated packages that we are providing.